Your wedding day will be the most beautiful party you will ever host. A reflection of yourselves and the celebration of your life. Special Touch throws the cookie cutter away when it comes to weddings. If you have a vision for your grand day, Special Touch will deliver it for you.

From spectacular rural locations, to grand and luxurious settings, fabulous entrances, lavish five star catering, heavenly accommodation and indulgent pampering before and after the event, Special Touch will create an extraordinary day for yourself and your dearest guests, and a beautiful memory for you and your partner to cherish forever.

Planning the Day

Wedding Planning is not just for New Yorkers from the Upper East Side. With 20+ years experience Special Touch can work within your budget to deliver your vision. Bettina comes equipped with a secret weapon to ensure your day is exactly as you envisioned. The secret weapon? She listens! She wants to know what you want… and what you don’t want. And if you only have a vague concept, Bettina will build on your inspiration to create your dream. From preliminary meetings to cutting the cake, Bettina’s meticulous attention to detail and depth of experience ensures the only hitch on the day will be you, and the only hiccup will be from Uncle Brian after one too many pinots.


A dance floor in a paddock with chandeliers hanging from gum trees, a sumptuous rooftop boudoir, an elegant lakeside event in white, an Autumnal gourmet feast with a vineyard vista, a cliff top at sunset, a masked ball, an Arabian pleasure dome, an intimate dinner for 6, or a spectacular event for 600 of your nearest and dearest in a field. Special Touch specialises in unique, unforgettable weddings, inspired and enhanced by the region’s natural beauty. Whatever you can imagine, we revel in the challenge to create.

The Wedding Menu

Hosting your wedding in the Daylesford region means your culinary choices are unlimited. Central Victoria boasts some of the finest food in the country, and is home to some of the most creative chefs and outstanding caterers, passionate sommeliers, and attentive service staff, and Bettina knows them all. From exquisite platters of mouthwatering morsels, to a spit roast, five decadent courses, to the icing on an attention seeking wedding cake, any vision you have to feed your guests will be delivered on a silver platter.


Hosting your wedding in the country will possibly require some of your bridal party, guests, and yourselves to seek accommodation. Special Touch can suggest or arrange beautiful boutique accommodation packages for your guests, as well as creating indulgent wedding night packages for the newly wedded couple. Special Touch’s Wedding night accommodation packages can include champagne, candles, bubbles and of course, breakfast for whatever time you decide to rise on your first day as a married couple.